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Strength & Conditioning - Athletic Performance Enhancement

APE Elite Pitching Summer Performance Program

To become an elite level pitcher, you must think and train like one. Too many young pitchers are getting lost in programs that primarily focus on how hard they throw in an indoor controlled environment rather than how effective and efficient they are in battle. There are many areas you must focus on during your development, but streamlining the process is key to elite level status.


Once again, we are extremely excited to be partnering back up with our friends at APE to implement The Mike Munoz Pitching/APE Elite Pitching Summer Performance Program.


This Program is built around developing the complete pitcher, seamlessly integrate The Mike Munoz Pitching principles of “BALANCE, POWER, FOLLOW THROUGH” to focus on 2 main performance program components.

Arm Care, Mobility & Recovery

Arm Care, Mobility and Recovery must be the foundation for any pitching performance program. The key to staying healthy and maximizing performance is having a bulletproof arm with a strong rotator cuff, scapula, and upper back.


Baseball Specific Strength & Conditioning

We believe the optimal strength and conditioning program must focus on the unique needs of the pitcher but also develop complete athleticism while avoiding exercises that may be harmful to baseball pitchers. In order to control and maximize your mechanics, you must train specifically to control and maximize your entire body strength.


- Mobility (Balance) to allow efficient and repeatable pitching mechanics

- (Power) to develop explosive arm velocity 

- Strength to maximize entire mechanical sequence (Follow Through)


Our pitching performance program will be age specific. In addition, each athlete will experience one-on-one training instruction in a small group environment, no more than 8 per session. 

11 - 12 yrs old: 9:00am - 10:15am

13 - 14 yrs old: 9:30am - 10:45am


Pricing: $229/Month

Dates: May 30 - Aug 12, 2023


Each athlete will workout 3 times per week: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday


This program is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with the pitcher's mid-week mound session, ideally Wednesday or Thursday.


Please contact Mike Munoz directly for more information and scheduling.



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